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Concours Belisle Portes et Fenêtres automne 2017 (Régional)

Nouveau Concours en vigueur du 28 septembre au 27 octobre 2017 !!! En achetant chez Belisle Portes et Fenêtres architecturales durant cette période, vous pouvez gagner votre achat jusqu’à concurrence de 1000$. Pour plus d’informations, nous vous invitons à visionner la vidéo promotionnelle et à prendre connaissance des règlements. Vidéo : https://www.facebook.com/belisle.architecturales/videos/439472463120958/ Règlements : Bélisle […]

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Belisle Windows and Doors are incomparable in quality and beauty.  Belisle's service was also exceptional and did not end when the windows and doors were delivered to my home.  The local representative was there for me when I needed to repair scratches that occurred during installation, when I needed a replacement bolt and when I needed to replace a lock.  I cannot recommend Belisle more highly.  The windows and doors bring a smile to my face each time I walk into my room.
Judy Landy (Westport, CT)
When my wife and I were looking for a front door for our newly renovated home, we stumbled across Belisle.  Without hesitation, we ordered our new front door and installed it as one of the final pieces of our extensive renovation.  Being in the construction and development business, I am a big believer that a front door is a true statement of what a home entails – it is the first impression and matters.  That is what we have with our front door – a statement piece bridging the interior of our home to the exterior.  Our satisfaction is immense, and we have received compliments from notable architects, skilled craftsmen, a neighbours alike.
Josh Zaret (Ottawa, ON)
My satisfaction with our experience and the true quality of our Belisle front door motivated me to explore opportunities with Belisle.  Rarely in our line of business do we come across a company with such passion, expertise and commitment to quality as we see with Belisle.  It is what motivated me to become the local representative and sell this amazing product to our clients.  It is a product I know I can stand behind, both personally and professionally.  As the local representative, I have had the pleasure of selling and installing several Belisle orders (both windows and doors) and am confident and proud to say that each client experience has been as positive as my own.